Jamb free hole saw arbor!
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  Jamb free hole saw arbor, even better with new design.
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Join the thousands who use the only guarantied
Jamb free hole saw arbor on the market.
You will easily remove the slugs from
5/8" - 1 3/16" hole saw tubes.

Save time & money with every use of the only
Jamb free hole saw arbor


See the Jamb free hole saw arbor in use. 
  Click here, for YouTube video. 

Jamb free hole saw arbor
easily ejects the core slug from the interior of the saw tube. When the thicker ejector tube handle is pressed forward to the thinner arbor handle; the force increases causing the core slug to slide out the end of the saw tube.
The Jamb free hole saw arbor is
shown with the ejector shaft at
the end of the 5/8" saw tube.
The Jamb free hole saw arbor
shown with a 5/8" and a 1 3/16"
saw tube. Will fit every saw tube

Professional Locksmiths, Craftsmen & Handymen
use the Jamb free hole saw arbor
Quit paying 
$20 or more  for a regular hole saw arbors.

Makes a great Christmas gift

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Jamb free hole saw arbor

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Jamb free hole saw arbor 

  • One Jamb free hole saw arbor
  A $20 + retail value for
 $12.99 Plus $3.00 shipping
2014 Christmas special

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Locksmith Tool Corner:
Locksmiths & craftsmen see the SR Slug/Plug Ejector in the Locksmith Ledger under SR Slug Ejector, and other publication. A professional tool for professionals. Ideal for installing wooden drawer and cabinet locks in record time or where you need a hole in wood for cable runs.

Slug Ejector Warranty
  • One year warranty, repair or replacement.                Just ship it back to us with a copy of the purchase receipt and we will  repair or replace the product with normal ware & tear. Abuse not covered.
See our SR Ejector Spec's for more information

SR Slug Ejector Video on You Tube 
Click on the photo above

 See the SR Slug Ejector video on YouTube.
Please click on the photo to view the SR Slug Ejector in action.

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SR Slug Ejector

4601 W. Woolworth Ave.
 Milwaukee, WI. 53218
Attn: Rick Warner

Email : 1stwarner@gmail.com

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